GeneralWhat time do you normally go to bed?Posted:

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What time do you normally go to bed?

I usually go to bed at like 4 AM, I work nights.

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Around 2-3am.

Just been a daily routine for me really.
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Between 12-1am
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Just depends what I have going on the next day and how much college work I have to do.
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Anywhere between 9pm and 4am
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Usually between 1am and 5am
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1am strictly.
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Bout 5-6 am, my schedule super **** up lol
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1 or2 am depending on what I did during the day
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always has been 3am but now its 4am aka 3am in daylight f*ck your life time which 3am now is 4am but a hour behind

so overall i go to bed at technically 4am when it should be 3am(2am now) half of the time i just go to bet at 4am daylight savings time depending what im doing in the morns
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