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Hello, My Name is Mattactular (Matt) Im 27 i want to restart my team Armed Gaming with a few people and make content,stream and just have fun while i do it!

Contact me via Twitter

Team's Website

Team's Twitter

Looking to chill and meet new people i play with 4 other guys and we would love to see what you bring to the table. Invite only but the twitter is a auto retweet twitter, when people @ it so it can also help out other looking to create a community/team and help out everyone i can.

My main platform is PC. so im also looking for mainly pc players hit me up on twitter if you are interested!!
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What type of games do you play?

Id be down to join possibly
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I'm on PC and Xbox, what kind of games do you play? I need a reason to get back into gaming
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I would definitely be down for this.
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I'd be down, what games?
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Hit ya up about it
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