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Hi just joined I'm just here for fun and to gift gold


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Mikey (11-06-2019), Xbox (11-01-2019), Rebekah (10-30-2019)
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Welcome to the forum man.

Have fun and read the rules, head to the shout box and enjoy your stay!
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Welcome! I hope you enjoy your stay!

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Welcome to ttg bigboi hope you find some interesting things that you're... Interested in !
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Welcome to the site mate
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IGIFTGOLD4-3 wroteHi just joined I'm just here for fun and to gift gold


Welcome to the site !
I hope you enjoy.

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Welcome hope to see you around the forums I browse

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Welcome to the site thanks for gifting me!
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Welcome to The Tech Game!
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Welcome fam

Kinda crazy you chose that name we use to have someone go by something similar to that and hand out tons of gold.

Anyways hope to see you active around the forums.

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