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Already have two dogs! F*ck cats
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Dogs definitely !
Cats are just ... Meh
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I love both cats and dogs but I'd rather just a cat.

Dog's tend to need so much attention and discipline and then when you go somewhere, you have to have someone dogsit or kennel them.

A cat is easy, leave enough food and a clean litter box and they are good for the weekend.
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Dog person any day of the week, can't stand cats
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Cat all day dogs are too much work lol trust me I had one for years lol
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Dogs all day man, never been a fan of cats
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Cats all the way yes. They do their own thing and their always their for you.
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Dogs for sure I actually have 2 male dogs and they are friendly and chill im not a big fan of cats they can be mean and very territorial I believe.
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A dog.
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I'm not allowed either in my property council won't let me, so I got a rabbit.
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