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so i bought this car bone stock in february of 2019 and first thing i wanted to do was go fast. but not just your basic bolt on. im wanting to push my z to the limit. so in the beginning of march 2019 i purchased a stage 2 turbo kit that took nearly 4 months to assemble. it was well worth the wait. im going to do a better video for the car soon. these were just quick videos. dyno tune on the way.

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Thats sweet man congrats, you always hear about people saying what they wanna do, you did what you wanted to do... and it looks to not be done sketchy sweet car enjoy the drive... just please remember time and place... my buddy just lost his car for our stupidity, luckily not his life.
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Rate that
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Sick car man, i know a few people around my area with 350s and 370s turbo, they're pretty sweet and would smoke my GTI whenever we did some rolls on the highway.
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