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Man I remember being on this site when I was a kid looing for the MW2 lobbies! Shoutout to everyone still hanging out on one of the best sites on the web!

Anyone going to be pubstomping MW tomorrow ??
Ill be streaming the whole grind on Twitch!!

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Yeah those were the golden years friend for sure and yeah I get to play at 9pm Eastern standard time. I can't wait gonna stream the game on Twitch and poop on everyone it's gonna be a blast!
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I'll be playing moderwarfare today also if u wanna pubstomp
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Welcome back man.

I'm trying to pubstomp now and can't even connect to the online service!

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Welcome back to the website man
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Welcome back my dude!
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Welcome back mate!
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Welcome back
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Welcome back to the site man, unfortunately I'm not into the new cod as well, but you got me thinking of the mw2 days now so thanks for that lmaoo
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welcome back man and no i dont play cod anymore
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