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GeneralTheTechGame Halloween Costume ContestPosted:

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October 14th, 2019

Police Investigating Remains Found in Basement of Elderly Man's House, Many Believe They Belong to Missing TheTechGame's Staff Members

(London, United Kingdom) -

Remains found Monday in heavily wooded area in London are believed to be those of missing TTG Staff members who have been Lost and missing since October 2016, said London Police Officer Luke Adam. Officers telli'd us they believe these remains could be linked to up to 21 different staff members. "We're confident that Sean committed these murders" said Officer Adam, "he's been playing Tricks with us for years. We are going to catch him once and for all".

Police received a tip from a local dj that claims he heard screams coming from the woods late last night. Police followed the tip to an abandoned cabin where they found the remains in the basement. The whereabouts of Sean are unknown.

If you have any information that could lead to the capturing of Sean, please contact Ahri at Crime Stoppers.

"Idiots..." I murmured under my breath. Do they really think Sean would be that stupid? Do they really think he would slip up? He wanted the police to find his cabin... he wanted them to find the remains. This is a game to Sean. The only goal he has is to inflict fear into the mind of everyone. People say money is the r00t of all evil, but Sean was born evil... he was born a maDz man.

Last year Sean fooled everyone. He single handedly tricked police into Mortar striking a random user's house. He put in a fake tip to Crime Stoppers and the police just went with it (no wonder they got a new person to man the hotline). Since then he has moved us all to a different location. Sean is 3 steps ahead of everyone. We are all losing hope... we are all losing the will to continue on. Chris, Jimbo, and I got so close to getting out last year, but like I said earlier... Sean knows your next move before it even enter your mind.

What does he even want with us? Why has he kept us alive for this long? What is his plan? I don't think I even want answers to the questions I'm asking myself. Just get us out of here before it is too late.

The staff team is relying on you...

It is Halloween Competition time on TheTechGame!!

  • No fake images! (This must be you, in your costume. We will disqualify anyone found posting fake images)

  • Do not reserve spots! (Post when you have an image/video of your costume. October is the month of Halloween parties, it's okay to wait to post your costume!)

  • Only post with your entry! (We do not need this to turn into a discussion thread, use the thumbs system if you like/dislike the users costume)

  • Only post costumes from THIS YEAR, we do not want to see what you dressed up as 3 years ago!

  • Members Favorite (Decided by Thumbs Up () and Thumbs Down ()

  • The 5 members with the most upvotes will be entered into a 5 day poll where the community will decide the winner!

  • Please make sure you go through the whole thread to make sure those who had late entries aren't left out!

  • Notable entries will also be rewarded with candy and other treats.

  • Will accept entries for the POLL until November 8th at 4pm ET

  • The final voting POLL period will end on November 14th at 9pm ET

1st Place:
Winner! badge, 3 months of gold, 3000 rep, and a $30 gift card of your choice: (Amazon, PSN, Steam, or Xbox)

2nd Place:
2 months of gold, 2000 rep, and a $20 gift card of your choice: (Amazon, PSN, Steam, or Xbox)

3rd Place:
1 month of gold, 1000 rep, and a $10 gift card of your choice: (Amazon, PSN, Steam, or Xbox)

Everyone who participates will receive the following badge:

Feel free to take a peek at any of our past costume contests entries!

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Follow the TTG Staff Chronicles starting in 2016!

Have Fun, Stay sp00ky, and Happy Halloween!

If anyone is caught PMing or IMing users asking for votes, you may be disqualified.

u have found the hidden message! PM me with the following message to receive 500 rep: Tricks is spooky!

The Following 38 Users Say Thank You to Tricks For This Useful Post:

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Start this off, since we did a little dress up gathering this past weekend for haloween.
I am in black suit.
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  • E3 2017
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Just something simple
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  • Winter 2019
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This year i decided to go as a tall, hench, really good looking McDonalds crew trainer.

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If Jay can win with a frickin baby, there's nothing my ladies can't do...

oh also Scott's Tots, a new favorite of mine
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WELP, not all out. but def a comfy costume!

I Don't usually dress up, but I am driving a school bus, therefore wanted to excite the kiddo's!
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So I went to Con over the weekend and not everything went to plan cause of the fridged weather and my Astolfo cosplay being to smol, I used a combination of my past Cosplay and my PlayStation hoodie and just kind went as PlayStation it's self (I had to say I was Cosplaying to prevent crying because my OG Cos was just worthless and I'd spent good money on it...) anyways in typical trap fashion as I am I still managed to look hecka cute!

Please don't hate I'm super self-conscious so this is very nerve wrecking for me to post myself for the first time here, but I liked it..

I will upload more pictures soon!
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My Costume

Stranger Things 3 Scoops Ahoy Employee. Sound ON!
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  • Halloween!
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