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Overall budget $2000 USD

Looking to build a gaming desktop.
I want to stream and game on my 1440p monitor.
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Sticky - Read the Sticky and you won't need to feel icky!

What is your budget and currency?
What will you use the PC for?
Do you need a monitor? If not, what monitor(s) will you be using?
Do you need a keyboard, mouse, or other peripherals?
Do you need an operating system?
Will you overclock?
Anything else we should know?

PC Part Picker List

Plenty of parts are interchangeable, mic and extremely popular webcam added. Plenty of options for mics, I just went with one I've used the most and liked more than others. Sound quality differs to all ears, especially when you add better things like DACs, AMPs, and Mixers. Different time for that discussion though.

Essentially what I built though was something that can easily game in 1440p, hold it's own and have some fair upgrade choices.
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