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Hello TTG, I am new here and interested in getting into the Vehicles Forum.

I am curious to know what people prefer on their cars / cars they like.. Do yous prefer Turbos on a car & why or do you prefer supercharger also add why.

i prefer Turbos reason being:
Sound a lot nicer, Very high boost when it gets it and allow more power into the car.

I also understands it depends on what kind of build you are going for but just in general what would you choose?
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I prefer supercharger for a daily because it builds boost almost instant. More fun on the street And you still get that v8 sound. But I love the power that turbos make. I'm building a 6.0l ls with a 80mm turbo, just don't know if I should put it in my 83 camaro or s10. Also thinking about getting a 5th gen camaro next year with a supercharger. just according if I can find one cheap or not. LoL
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