Apex LegendsSeason 3 Win PS4 Gold Rank 1 Apex Couple Victory, Cool MusicPosted:

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Awesome game with an Apex Couple!
MY PS4 Does not record other Microphones. We were all diamond Ranked in the last season. Awesome last stand, metro tunnel circle

I have a few FULL GAMES on my YouTube channel-
Season 0 player here, making a casual YouTube channel for players like me that are looking to Get AND Give a few tips. Sweaty Smooth Gameplay with Serene Jazzy Music just like Home.

I Am Not a Pro Player but do have quite a lot of sweaty and strategic gameplay that I will be uploading soon. Feel free to leave tips/suggestions of how i could have played out scenarios/situations better. THE ONLY WAY TO GET BETTER IS TO RE-WATCH previous matches and build on your gameplay. Please Comment
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