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I am looking to get 2 new monitors for gaming and video use.
My second screen I just watch videos and browse the internet on it so I wouldn't mind having a cheaper 1080p 60hz panel.
For the main gaming panel I would like it to be 27" 144hz.
My total budget is £500 for both.

Sorry I have absolutely no clue when it comes to monitors.
Thanks for the time to view my post
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Good time to be looking about, Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales will be starting earlier this year, don't know if that's a thing in the UK, but I doubt you don't have some formation of sales. Big questions though are do you care about features like freesync, gsync, HDR, do you have a preferance in that of contrast ratios and brightness? Do you do any professional work that needs color accuracy or just want more accurate displays because reasons of better fidelity gaming? What about curved monitors? And are you actually looking for two monitors or just want one that's new and use the old one for as you said 1080p standard use?

Acer Nitro Gaming VG271U

Personal recommendation for this one above, but I simply like Acer, they've delivered me products that aren't flawed though this monitor does have some known flickering issues. The three I have don't have that problem, and I'd like to say I really have more on monitors but amazon seems to have far higher prices on their market, and newegg has a fairly limited amount of choice at least in 1440p and 120Hz+ 1ms response times and IPS panels (of which specs I HIGHLY recommend looking at.) Possibly more will come to the markets but that'll be around major sales times I would wager.
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