PlayStation 4Can anyone answer some questions I have about your PS4?Posted:

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I am a high school student doing a project on the hardware of a PS4. I am looking for just a few answers to help me with some research.

1. How long have you had your PS4
2. How often do you use your PS4
3. How would you rate your PS4's performance (1-5)
4. Do you have any problems with the hardware of your console? If so, what?
5. If you said yes to the previous question, what have you done about these problems and what?
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1. Dec27 2016
2. Roughly 10 hours a week
3. 4.7
4. No

Hope you succeed in your project
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May 24th 2016
Not at all
My console overheated the first day out of the box, I do like the exclusive games on the console.
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1 - Around two years, had a few before hand but all have broke.
2 - Very often, I play a lot of games.
3 - 4.5 crashes on some games sometimes.
4 - Used to overheat all the time and crash.
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  • 25th December 2013.

  • Every day for several hours.

  • 3/5.

  • Yes. My fan often sounds like an aeroplane trying to take off, especially when playing games such as Red Dead, I'm surprised how it's never overheated yet. And recently my discs have started to get stuck in the PS4 when ejecting.

  • I bought a compressed air can to try and clean the fans, and as for the disc problem... I've yet to find a permanent fix, but for now, whenever it does happen... I usually just power it down and unplug everything, make it stand upside down for 20-30min... then as I power it back up I turn it back horizontal and out pops the disc, and this seems to fix it for a little while before it does it again.

Hope that helps you out with your project, all the best to you.
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