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Hey there TTG members! The Federation here with one for you.
Which do prefer? (PICK ONE)
For me I prefer coffee! Tea is great but I'm very picky with tea, it has to be made well honestly! Coffee is amazing cause I like strong taste of things and coffee takes the cake when it comes to flavor as well! You can get it bitter, with cream, (tons of cream flavors like Irish cream etc.) and sugar too!
Post below ladies and gentlemen!

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Goodfellas (09-19-2019)
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Don't really drink either but when I do it's usually a good coffee.
1 sugar heaps of milk

Tea is nice but like you said it hasn't to be made properly
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Coffee all day I like it black like my soul.
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I don't drink either but I'd go with tea
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I do like both, but the coffee cant be cheap insta shit, it has to be ground or coffee beans grounded fresh, but the tea has to be made right also, but I think I'd go for tea.
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Not really a fan of either to tell you the truth. If I had to choose, I think I may actually go with tea.
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If I need to wake up I would go with coffee, but If I want something hot definitely tea.
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For me its coffee but when its tea it has to be EARL GREY !!

Other then that its coffee.
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Coffee, and tbh I drink too much.
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Mine would have to be coffee, especially in the morning with a cigarette.
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