MWLooking for Consistent players for the beta.Posted:

  • Winter 2019
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Looking for 3 players, possibly more if you're down.

Drop your stats on some of the cods you play recently & we're good to go.

Looking for some real hardcore sweats so we can dominate everyone we run into

You can drop your GT with your message or DM me it and I'll add you up and we'll play tomorrow.

only requirement, is you use discord to speak < if you wanna speak > and that you are on when the beta drops and plan on actually grinding none stop.

If this team is good, it can be moved onto bigger things in the main game.
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  • Summer 2018
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I've sent you a pm buddy check your messages
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GT is Jakium, had a 3KD+ on every COD apart from BO4 which is a 2.1

I go for kills and kills only
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