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Toys R Us is expected to open several store and a ecommerce site just in time for the holidays.
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That's amazing news, I hope they bring back the baby club because I've still got my card
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Me likes this
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Why tho? I don't see it lasting long.
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I honestly hope this is true I could not imagine a younger generation growing up without Toys R Us it's an iconic store that should be alive and well. It's a shame that the brand has revived so much hardship
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Silent-e wroteWhy tho? I don't see it lasting long.

More and likely it won't as more people are buying toys online, or at Walmart.
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That's crazy, I didn't think they'd ever come back fr
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i never wanted to see them go glad their back
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Been seeing them tease things on their Instagram, glad to see them coming back
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