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Hello TTG members Federation here with another one, if you could pick ONLY ONE time of food for the day like breakfast, lunch, or dinner what would it be? For me I like breakfast the most! Breakfast is great cause it's early in the day, it's quiet and nothing is more better than some coffee with eggs, toast, bacon, and grits best combo imo!
Post below!
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Breakfast is my favourite by far, it really sets me up for the day, omelette for the win
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Dinner since I eat one time a day
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Breakfast since it's the most important meal of the day.
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Lunch, that way I can eat a lot and be full the rest of the day
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Breakfest xD
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Definitely dinner, because I can eat without having to worry about doing anything after lol
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Tbh I would probably pick lunch, I find myself being the most hungry around mid day anyway and never really get the time to eat breakfast due to starting work very early.
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