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Welcome to RockBottomMC! We are an old-school prison server dedicated to bringing the prison server vibe back! No OP mines, actual blocks, and the experience that used to be around. We provide dedicated hosting and a lag-free server, along with discord to hang out in.
Server Details:
Server - RockBottomMC.com
Discord: discord.gg/P8m8bcY

Starting from rock bottom and making it all the way to freedom, work your way up to become one of the server's elite players. Fight and work your way to living outside the prison.


Starter Block
This is the starting block, this is where your journey begins. All new players start here. Here, the largest PvP area and hardest working jobs make life grim.


Cost: $10,000
A small step up from Block 3. The decreased PvP and higher paying jobs make the prison seem a bit better. Still always be sure to watch your back.


Cost: $60,000
The second highest block, this area has well paying jobs, and a reliable source of ready food. The vast space and nice architecture is much needed upgrade compared to the previous blocks.


Cost: $175,000
The most elite block prior to being free. This block has jobs that can't be beat and has no PvP areas at all. Choose from either the dirt mine or the multiple mob farms for a steady income of money.


Cost: $400,000
You have bought your way out of prison, and are a free man! You are free to roam the world outside of prison. You can build whatever you want, wherever you want! Hide your base well because greifing is not prohibited. You may come back to the prison at any time to sell or buy whatever goods you have or may need. Keep in mind you must still abide by prison rules while in the prison.


Failure to follow these rules may result in a ban or mute
- No use of mods.
- No use of cheating clients.
- Do not advertise other servers.
- Do not act offensively repeatedly
- No xray texture packs or mods
- Do not find exploits and abuse them.


Failure to follow these rules may result in a jail
- No Pushing.
- No PvP abusing.
- No PvP camping.
- No PvP safe-zoning.
- No PvP camping.
- No Using damaging potions (Poison, insta-damage).
- No wielding contraband items (swords, flint and steel, bow and arrows).
- No swords; If you're caught with a sword a guard will ask for it and then count from 5.
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This server is freaking awesome. 8 days since it opened and already has like 8 people steady. come check it out!
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