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I am offering a professional service, everything will remain easy throughout the process for both the customer & me. Each design is made on an application on mobile so it may take some time to produce however, the quality will remain. I will stay with you & refund you if I cannot meet your requirements.

Here's a list of some of the designs I can do;

* eSport logos
* Extra logos
* Simple logos
* illustrations
* Avatars
* Signed sigs

As time varies significantly depending on how long it takes, I cannot give a price straight up. However, I can give an estimate if you can give me examples of what you want.


Staff - I am going to try and buy a sticky soon, feel free to close but please don't delete. I've spoke to r00t regarding the changes that might be coming sooner or later.
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Your portfolio is awesome man !

I love the gaming logos, drop me a PM I may be interested in purchasing some designs off you.
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Thanks for the logo boss!
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Was looking on getting a logo made, preferably the size of a Xbox live gamer pic if that's not an issue.

I'd like it to say Arsenals with a gun rack or something cool? I'm not to creative so that part I'd leave to you. Red background with a white font would be ideal.
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