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Crazy to think I remember when this site started I recently came back to see how the website has changed over the years.

I want to get back into the site but don't know what the site fully has to offer. When I first started it was for game mods and gamertags but now I'm older and really don't care for those things.

I was wondering if you guys know how good the pc section is here like for coding or pc building.

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Same man. I remember getting into random cod lobbies and just seeing TTG in gamertags and they all claiming to be hackers and modders. Next thing you know the whole lobby is just filled with mods. I shortly got into modding after that. Hosted lobbies on another site and pretty much ISO modded here through all of Mikeys patches on WAW. Fun days but now i really do not know how i can contribute here or what the TTG is all about anymore.
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Welcome back man!

Theres a whole section decicated to requests and all for pc customization and help

And the sb is active kinda can always drop in there

Sb link: Members_Shout

pc section link: Forums/f=351/pc-general-forum.html
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Welcome back and congrats on 11 long years.

I'm sure you will find plenty of other things do do around here.
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