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I've been on this amazing site now for 9 years going on 10 I've been here basically since the start (technically) can sorta say I'm an OG I remeber when ttg was just mainly a modding site and full of scammers. OG's remeber how bad it used to be, especially the time where u couldn't go online with a rgh but kids would try and scam for Microsoft points. Or when the site had corrupted moderators who didn't care, there's lot more but my memory is vague. But those days are long gone, out of all these types of community's none can even compare to this site I'd go as far as saying in my opinion that this site started it all.
And the staff here are some of the best very understanding, and not power trips.
I know me I don't got a lot of posts or anything but I've always been active just in the background

The main point of this was I wanna hear others wanna try and spread some positivity and I'm curious why others joined and stayed

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Federation (08-23-2019)
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MW2 modded lobbies
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Modded WaW lobbies and my old friend told me it was a great community as well. Ever since then I've stayed I love this site a ton everyone is awesome and chill for the most part lol.
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The love for modded lobbies back in the day

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Free lobbies pretty much in a nutshell, and I stayed because of the SB.
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My brother got me into this site as I was looking for 360 money drops for GTA V, after that I got more interested in the site
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I joined ttg for the same reason as everyone Call of Duty and GTA modded lobbies.

Then i stayed and became an active member, Then i got introduced to the Shoutbox and from there i stayed on the site!

Turned gay in the process too.
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Joined for jtag modding back in 2010. I forgot password to account but I looked up the names I have like 3 accs spanning from 2010-2011 creation date I just didn't care for recovering password
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Modded lobbies
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I joined ttg because of Black ops 2 modded lobbies and bot lobbies.

I decide to stay on ttg because I liked the format of the forums and the members are extremely nice and helpful.
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