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Hey there TTG members just wondering what's your favorite season of the year? (Only pick one) If you had to choose what would it be? For me it would have to be Fall I love the cold but not snow! I live in New England,USA and it can be tough in the winter so fudge that lmao
Post below my peeps!

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I love the winter time, the holidays that surround a cold night. Perfect for a fire or just cuddling with the one you love.
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I personally love fall (Autumn!).. I love the colour changes and the brisk weather changes that comes with it as well as I adore the smells from people burning leaves and so on to other things like Samhain (Halloween!) as that's my absolute favourite time of the year as!!! <3 ^_^ ...

I also love Winter as well though, mainly due to the same things that I had mentioned above i.e. the colour changes to lots of other things like the barrenness of the tree's all being asleep and so on... n_n
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Will probably have to go with winter tbh. Christmas and I love the cold over heat.
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would go with winter, because you can rug up as much as you want and be nice and cozy, as for summer you need to be practically naked and still be too hot!!
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Fallis personally my favorite time of the year.. Halloween is my favorite holiday full of ghosts and ghouls. All of October is considered Halloween to me.
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