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A house, or a Tesla.

maybe in the future.
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Anime wroteWhat one thing do you really want but can't afford?

We really at some point get a like big house but here in WA a house is $500,000

I love to be able to buy my parents a huge house that they can retire in an enjoy life without any stress from bills etc
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To live In the Maldives
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ATH because I don't want to take out multiple loans like Mikey and still loose it by a new member
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Maybe macbook but it's too expensive for me
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I want to buy my own house but can't afford it at the moment
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I would love to buy Peace of mind
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Land, homes, apartment buildings.

I want to grow my real estate portfolio, and eventually live off of just that. Maybe one day, or maybe not. It'll always be my dream.
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