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Type (YouTube/Twitter) : YouTube
Font : dafont.com/gisbon.font
Text : BubbaPickles97
Theme (optional) : Minecraft / Subnautica
Colors : Green and black or dark color?
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Type (YouTube/Twitter) : TTG Banner
Font : dafont.com/defused.font
Text : Nasty's Runescape Shop
Theme (optional) : something to do with OldSchool Runescape and possibly RS3
Colors : Probably Burnt Orange, and dark gray or black. You pick what looks best.

For my Runescape Shop

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I will work on these starting tmmrw.
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Hey brother, I am brand new into streaming and making youtube videos and I saw you need the practice and just wondering if maybe you could do some work for me. I'd be willing to pay if you need it as well.

Type (YouTube/Twitter) : youtube, twitch, twitter etc.
Font : anything that looks good, up to you
Text : therealisotac (thats my twitch and youtube channel)
Theme (optional) : again, anything that looks good.
Colors : up to you, im more of a blue & black guy though.

I appreciate it man! Just message me if you need some money or whatever else. Thank you!
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Type (YouTube/Twitter) : Youtube
Font :font
Text : Hybrid Music
Theme (optional) : something like this
Or change it up and make it hip hop based.
Colors : preferably black, white and grey
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