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Hello Everyone,

I have been gone a few months. I have 43 Gifts of Gold given so far! Let's make it 50.

If you want to enter just post here saying so. I will choose a winner tonight. 5pm EST. There may be multiple winners so just be patient.

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I'll enter thanks for the opportunity
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Would love to enter

Respect for the giveaway
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Well I guess I shall enter! Thank for the giveaway mate
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Welcome back and thanks for the opportunity, good luck to every that enters!
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Ill enter, thank you man
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I'll enter thanks man
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Ill enter this, You can never have enough gold.
Thanks for the opportunity.

I remember you bro glad your back.
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Shoot, might as well give it a shot lol, finally back on TTG after 2 years almost, I lost my account and finally remembered my info. Thanks and best of luck to everyone!
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Count me in !

Gold is good for the soul
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