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Here are some Public Glitches Many People have been taking advantage of Thought i would make a post!!

Unlimited Chips

1. go to any table game
2. prep "turn of internet" with PS button
3. Play game and if you win, quit roulette or any game you are playing and force save then continue
4. Get ready and see if you lose, as soon as you see u lose disconnect internet.
5. Go to story, connect to internett and go online (fastest is invite only)

Using the Lucky Wheel:

1. Spin wheel
2. If it lands on crap item quickly close game (reports from multiple people say disconnecting internet works)
3. Should be able to spin wheel again do this till you get the item you want.

!Disclaimer you will only get one reward per day but you can try as many times as you would like for a certain prize!

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The lucky wheel one can also work if you quit the game as fast as possible on Xbox.
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