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What Will You Never Do?

I would never allow anyone else to choose my future and goals.
My future is my own. What about you?

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Anime (07-27-2019)
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Sky diving.
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Take a poop at a public place.
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Sounds crazy but fire is hot, so I'd never walk through it.
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I'd never do the impossible, that stuffs spooky.
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Id never pretend I'm happy for someone else's pleasure. Thats just not right.
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I'd never change who I am for someone. Love me for who I am or don't, I don't care.
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I'll never be strayed away from my goals, desires, etc.
I'll never stop grinding, gotta make a few million somehow. (jk)

I'll never let money define me, if i'm poor, or if im a millionaire
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I'll probably never have sex
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I will NEVER skydive or bungee jump
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