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  • Winter 2019
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I have a good account to sell to you, shot a text to your number.
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I have 2 Fortnite accounts if you're interested I don't play next gen as i switched over to the 360 modding scene
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Add me on discord for the fastest reply to sell your account.

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have a fa purple skull and raiders revenge with a ton more those are the only notable items tho I will provide any proof needed I just need to know how much I will get for it.
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  • V5 Launch
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i added you on discord
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  • Winter 2017
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added and messaged. got no response yet about how account selling works.

Is it the whole account or can i just move my stats and skins to a different account?
i have a few games on my epic account id want to keep but dont know how it works

EDIT: still no reply as of 10/23/19

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i got a account with random battlepass skins on it not that much only skin i ever used was nog ops it also has save the world
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How much for renegade ghoul purple skull account with ikonik/galaxy/Bk
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I have lots of skins. I don't have the recent galaxy skins and ghoul trooper. I also don't have purple skull trooper. I started since Season 1. I also don't have renegade raider. I will show you more skins if needed.
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Check out my post! I also messaged you on Discord if you're interested!
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