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So I recently was given a broken xbox one s a few days ago. I took the console apart examined in the motherboard and other components etc.

Was wondering if I could possibly swap the motherboard for a new/used one as long as it's the same serial numbers? I think the motherboard is water damaged but not certain it is.

I also ordered a new power supply as well and new power lead just to be on the safe side.

Any help would be brilliant, Thanks!
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Still looking for help on this.
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The best thing to do would to use this second board as a donor board and find out what is shorting on your main board if you ever have an issue with it. The issue with replacing the mobo is that the DVD is tied to that specific board. You replace the board, you are going to also have to replace drive components to get this to work.
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So basically get a motherboard and diskdrive together?
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Yes exactly!
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try cleaning the motherboard with IPA (isopropyl alcohol) and a tooth brush. clean every bit of the board you can get to. make sure to take off the heatsink and clean everything under there as the main power mosfets are covered by the heatsink.

once everything is cleaned try plugging in a known working power supply and RF (front power switch board) and see if it will boot.

I have fixed consoles with water damage before using this method but its not always this easy. the liquid could have gone under BGA chips on the board and this is impossible to clean without removing them and doing a full reball (not worth the hassle)

Also the liquid could have blown/shorted one of the power mosfets (Quite common) this is fixable but requires pretty good soldering skills and proper tools.

Like others above have said you could do a motherboard swap but you would need the original disk drive/disk drive board with the new motherboard you are using to replace the faulty one.

if the console powers on but has no display it will be probably due to the following:

Bad Hard Drive
Bad HDMI Port
Bad ic Timer Chip

or sometimes a few other issues but they are more rare.
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