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Black ops 2 was my favorite call of duty. It was the last game I actually sweat on and played all the way though.

What're your guy's favorite guns from that game?

I always either ran with the M8A7, or the MSMC and just Destroyed kids on that game.

Share yours below
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  • Winter 2019
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Mine would be the MSMC or SCAR-H suppressed!
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  • Summer 2019
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One gun. AN-94. Gun was soo good yet so under-rated 8) But yes the MSMC was generally a good map to run about with and destroy people
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M8A1 - Easy 1v6 S&D
MSMC - Rush 'n' slay
DSR/MSMC combo - Never rely on a teammate ever again

Scar - because M8 is GARBAGE on PC
PDW - OP af
DSR - ez clap
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