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The sticky's at the top of the forum would be your best bet as they are trusted sellers...
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  • Summer 2019
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Still looking for a lobby on if anyone is available ty!
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AgiLeGraphics wroteThe sticky's at the top of the forum would be your best bet as they are trusted sellers...

Yea I got you iv seen them and messaged them I'm looking for the first one to respond back and reach out to me to get the ball moving
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Anyone hosting MW2 Infections lobby

Invite me if so

Gamertag: x TanKSteR
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Just wondering if anyone is able to please 10th Prestige me?

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Need an unlock all lobby for BO2
GT: Sxtann
or reply here with gt thanks
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You can host yourself if you YouTube it you can find a infection we're you can infect you're self with a mod menu
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  • Christmas!
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Find "UWishIWasHostin" his thread he hosts all call of duties
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Heres the link to his thread

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Thanks both of you I will be back up and Hosting once I get both consoles updated just waiting on Xebuild to be out once it is I will update both my consoles I will be up and hosting for the person that posted above that needs help for Black Ops 2 once I'm up and running I will p.m. you
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