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chris345 wrotePlatform: Xbox 360 (but I guess really Xbox One X because of 360 backwards compatibility emulation)
Game (Call of Duty Black Ops 1)

Gamertag: Nightstrike812 (on Xbox Live)

Request:15th prestige lobby or XP lobby so I can achieve maximum 15th prestige

Thanks so much and I hope I'm able to take part in one of your lobbies. It'd be incredibly appreciated because although this game is quite aged, the ground on boots warfare has made it easily one of my favorite in the entire Call of Duty series and withj higher prestige levels I can unlock more custom classes.

PM u
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Who can do Bo2 ghost camo on the xbox one? Please lmk thank you
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Anyone hosting or could give me some mw2 infection, im hella board

If you have message me. LYNXvRaPpIdZz
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Could anyone invite me to a modded lobby? I'm on PS3 trying to level up in mw3 and planning on going prestige.
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Looking for a challenge lobby who can host one?
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Does anyone still host CoD 4 Infections?

Haven't played in years and then when I just got on I have a new account so I'm level 1 was just wondering does anyone still do infection lobbys because I know back in the day their use to hundreds.
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Need a mw2 challenge lobby for me and buddy lmk if u can help

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Anybody hosting challenge/modded lobby ps3 mw2/mw3/bo1/bo2
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Need my classes unfroze gamer tag is syq
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