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Hello everyone!

I am hosting my first TTG giveaway, I am going to be selecting 5 people to gift gold to.

I am going to be selecting winners 21-06-2019

I am going to be using to select the winners.

No real rules, just post below to enter.

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Conjurer, thanks for doing this and pog for this being your first gold giveaway lol.

Goodluck to everyone!
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count me in thanks for doing the giveaway
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Thank you for the giveaway !!

Count me in
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Thanks for giveaway! Count me in!
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Pick me pick me! Thanks for the giveaway homie
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I'd like to enter this thanks man
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I'd like to enter this giveaway! Thanks and good luck everyone
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Count me in man, thanks for the chance to win!
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would love to be gold again! thanks man
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