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So I'm trying to turn an old dell into a sleeper gaming PC. I'm new to this and I don't know much about Pc's but from what I'm told, Dell uses custom sizes to keep people from modification, so It would be hard to replace the motherboard and Hard Drive. I don't know if it's true. I it true and can I overlook it if it's true.
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Should not be to hard just get a pc like this

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+ a 1050ti in it that does not require an extra power connection.

+ maybe a ssd

Should only cost like ~$300
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Dell is too smart for that, and when even the cheapest motherboard is to the ATX standard, all ATX units will fit to it, more or less it's the case size itself and the things you may need power tools to remove like drive cages, PSU mounting points, etc. The one thing they do try to screw with is LEDs like everyone else by having their own propriety lines. Of which you can yank out and make your own with a fair amount of ease.

Replacing a motherboard genuinely just consists of opening a case and unscrewing 6-10 screws and pulling the motherboard out. So it's not a hard process, really building PCs is like legos except when you connect things you screw them or snap them into place. Frankly your biggest problem would be the size of the case and age, you may need to get some power tools for some "hard editting" to make certain things happen.
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