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'God of War' Director Appears to Be Teasing a Sequel.

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"God of War" director Cory Barlog appears to be teasing a sequel to Santa Monica Studio's acclaimed Norse-mythology blockbuster. As a post by Reddit user "Kayfriso" (discovered by Push Square) points out, Barlog's pinned tweet begins a Twitter thread that -- when you take only the first letter from each tweet -- ultimately spells out the phrase "Ragnark is coming." In Norse myth, Ragnark is foretold as a final great battle of the gods, which is believed to cultiminate with the death and rebirth of the world.

Given "God of War's" critical and commercial success upon release in April 2018, the idea of a sequel isn't particularly surprising. A PlayStation 4 UI theme released for the game's one-year anniversary in April featured the phrase "Ragnark is coming," as well. But it's worth noting that although Sony has no significant presence at this year's E3, Barlog himself retweeted IGN's June 9 story about the initial Reddit discovery, suggesting that a formal announcement might not be far off.

The last God of war game was a big hit. And I played the original ones as well it's really good. so I wouldn't be surprised to see the next game maybe come out in 2020 obviously it must be and develop it now. Would be really cool to see this can't wait.
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