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I started tinkering with Linux about two years ago because I wanted to get more in touch with my computer and did not like all the tracking and security flaws inside the windows systems
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I use Linux daily because of the ability to customize every little detail
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I first heard about Linux a couple years ago but never got into it until I had to take an intro to Unix/Linux class in college.
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Microsoft Windows is very secure especially Windows 10. If Windows wasn't secure, then why is almost all businesses and users using it? Linux can also be secure and some say more secure if you know what you're doing. Linux is more command base and has a lot more options and customization. Less people know command lines making it another barrier for people to get through. Windows 10 is more GUI base (if that makes sense) which allows for user friendly environments.
The only Linux I used was Deepin. I installed it on a lab PC at school and it has Steam preinstalled in it. So I was able to play whatever game but of course I was limited to the hardware of the PC.
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My dad was a big Linux supporter back in its early stages. But he just messed with it as a hobby so I didn't really use it. I just remember he got me hooked on this game called SuperTux.

Then I decided to take networking classes at college. They pretty much locked me in a dungeon and told me to build a packet sniffer and an LDAP server for 300K users. Without the internet.

Now I use the command line almost every waking hour of the day.
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It's my job, username checks out for once?
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I'm currently in the process of trying to get Linux Mint to dual boot to my Windows install. The idea of a fully customizable OS sounds really good to me, but the reason I installed Linux was much simpler.

I heard the mouse feels smoother lol
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