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Variant Se7en (v7) is recruiting! We are a multi COD clan! We grind out pubs & get content for our YouTube channel, and streams! We do Sniper videos, pub stomping video, as well as streams via Twitch & Mixer , you do not have to be a sniper , or a YouTuber/streamer to join! However we would love to get some people in the team who enjoy sniping! We have people who can record your clips for you , or I can pull them from your Xbox DVR! We are currently only Xbox but we are open to expanding into other platforms! We are trying to prepare a solid roster for MW. With COD MW we will string out to some esports as well! If you are interested in joining reply to this thread with the answers to my questions below! Or PM me!!

GT ?
Do you snipe or Pubstomp ?
Can you get sniper clips ?
Do you stream ?
Are you willing to change your GT ? (Exp. Verty v7)
YouTube channel link ? (Not required)

My discord: Vertasy#5931
My GT: verty v7
Co-leader GT: Addie

Get ahold of us for any questions!!
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