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Hello everyone!
I just registered a bit ago and figured I should say hi!


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  • E3 2019
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Hi and welcome sir.

Here's a list of the site rules


Also feel free to join the SB! Here's that link


Hope i see ya around the site man!
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Welcome to TTG (TheTechGame!) I hope you enjoy your stay here as much as the rest of the community does! First things first you should read the Rules! Once you have done that you can head to my favorite place which is the Shoutbox which is where a ton of the community including staff just kinda hang out for a bit and you can have chances of getting free Gold which is the premium membership we use here on TheTechGame! And also reputation power which is to show the kinda "street cred" you have around here! Enjoy your stay and feel free do PM me any questions you may have!
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Welcome to TheTechGame
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Welcome to TTG
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Welcome man!
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  • Summer 2019
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Welcome to the site man! Hope you stick around
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Welcome to the site dude!
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Thanks everyone!! I'll probably be around for a while.
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you can finally say you have lived a good life, welcome to the site my guy!!

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