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Lets get some good stories boys

Obvious low quality posting is getting downvoted. Even bland stories can be funny with context, lets go.

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I was somewhere in the middle of California, when driving through the state parts of it turn to practically nothing but a few fast food places or random hotels.
We stopped in this tiny town and, like I said, there really wasn't much. Dirt, a few trees, and a little shopping center with Taco Bell, McDonalds, and a gas station with little shop. We went to Taco Bell and really everything was normal, the food was fine and it was nice to sit in a place with air conditioning since it was over 100 degrees. We finished eating and had to get back on the road, but of course had to stop in to tinkle before.
I walked into the bathroom and the urinal looked like a diarrhea shrine. I swear, some guy exploded all over the urinal and the floor, then proceeded to wrap his used toilet paper all over the thing. It looked like he took long pieces of TP, held both sides, and grinded it back and forth until it was covered with shit all over, then wrapped multiple pieces all over and across the urinal.
I walked out and peed in McDonald's. Didn't say a word.
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One time I got a big mac from McDonalds and I swear to you, THERE WAS CHICKEN ON IT. I mean it was pretty good but still bro. How do you mess that up.
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went to mcd's got a few coffees a few years ago received vomit coffee meaning the cream was vomit and the coffee was liquid poop not even joking, samething as the fries i ordered they rubbed them on the bathroom floor and passed it off a food, this only started never had it happen never was rude to them they just started being rude to me for no reason never have i given them my hard earned money after that worst fast food and coffee i ever had
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Probably a couple of days ago actually. I was craving a sub sandwich and I really didn't want Subway, Jersey Mikes is too far for what you get and I don't have any real local sub shops near me, so I decided to go to a Togo's since I've never been there. My first mistake was continuing to go through with the decision to get Togo's when it was a 3-way joint shop of a Togo's, Baskin-Robbins and a Panda Express. Anyways, I go inside, like no body there at all so I'm sitting around waiting for well over 10 minutes despite loudly asking if anyone is coming up. Finally the owners come out from the back - they're a couple who run all three of the stores in one. Anyways, menu is just all over the place and vague "small, medium and large" subs aren't really anything to go off of because a large could be like a 4 inch sub to people who naturally have a small appetite but whatever, go through that process and wanted an all meat sub. First issue is they put a legit ladle of of mustard and mayonnaise on the sandwich when I didn't ask for it and no where on the menu did it say it would have that. Told them I'm not having mayonnaise on it or even that much amount of mustard. They re-did it while mumbling under their breath and still put a ladle of mustard but I just dealt with it at point because I wasn't in the mood to start an issue over mustard. Next problem was a huge cross contamination problem, they had trays like Subway has for the meats, but they had the chicken, pork, turkey and all of that stuff just together in layers. Cheese and vegetables go on no problem. This part was kinda my fault for not catching it sooner but I asked how come they didn't toast the sandwich with the meats and cheese and the woman said "oh I forgot about that." and then quickly throws in the sandwich with the mustard and vegetables into the toaster oven or whatever that machine is and you could just smell the mustard and vegetables cooking in there. The male owner pulls me aside to try and lecture me for that whole thing about why would I want my vegetables toasted, when that's like the last thing I would want to happen to a sandwich and got into an argument with me when I said I am not eating that. No one wants limp soggy lettuce first of all and everything else would either be dried or just mushy and soggy. Did not pay and did not eat it.

I've had the usual bad experiences with bathrooms looking like a shit war room, belligerent owners/cashiers but this one was just pure and utter incompetence and it was too much for me to handle, tried a little Irish pub 4 minutes away from that Togo's and I had a way better meal than I would have gotten at a sub shop.
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In 1979 at the age of six my grandmother and I took a late night trip to our local Wendy's. We both had their chili that, while very rich, had never bothered either of us before. About an hour after we got home I heard her throwing up in the bathroom. Almost immediately I felt the chili churning in my stomach and was getting sick in the opposite bathroom. I felt terrible for my grandfather who was going back and forth trying to help us both.

Turned out that everyone that had eaten at that Wendy's had become sick that night. The funny thing was, looking back, my grandmother worked for the city of Tampa Health Department. I don't think anyone got sick at that Wendy's again for a long, LONG time
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Worst restaurant experience I have ever had was when my family and I went out for dinner and my mom ordered two piece fish. When the fish came to are table my mom cut the fish up and it's was black as can be inside. Not only was my mom's fish black but her potatoes on her plate were cold and her salad wasn't fresh.
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I have had nothing crazy happen usually just long waiting times but just a couple weeks ago I ordered a regular black coffee and ended up waiting 20 minutes for it.. Another quick one I could go with is at popeyes when they opened up here I ordered some chicken tenders and once I got them bit right into it and a full raw piece of chicken that was nasty.
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So on the weekend i like to get a take away as a treat to my working week. Now obviously i ordered my food and something was missing now before i go in detail of what happens next I haven't had any issues with this Chinese takeaway before. But what i did was i called them up to say look you forgot one of my items can i please get it sent to me baring in mind they are not that far away from me if driving. They arrive and the guy seemed extremely annoyed gave me my chips with curry that they forgot and 1 hr after eating my meal i felt awful & i was sick in the toilet a few times. So i think they put something that wasn't supposed to be in there and i have never returned to that Chinese take away.

Not the best story i bet theres much worse ones but this is the worst that has happened to me.
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Went to taco bell once and there was ice in my burrito. Another time at burger king the manager was cussing out all of his employees and 2 of them left on the spot.
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