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How often do you call in sick for work?

Personally, I'm a twice a month type of guy at least. When you don't wanna go, you don't wanna go.

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Try to keep it to at least once a month if not unless I'm really sick. Also have bowel issues so not working atm. But, hopefully can start again. Miss the money coming in
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I only call into work when I am so sick I feel I cannot function at my duties.
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Every Monday or Friday got to get that 3 day weekend
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I don't plan on losing my job so I only call in sick when I'm actually sick and can't make it in or if there's an emergency.
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Honestly I've probably called in twice in 5 years. The time I broke my foot I worked a week with it (roofing if you didn't know what job i have) then called in saying I'm having a week off. And the 2nd time was last year when I attended a good friends 2 y/o funeral. I was badly drunk for 2 days but don't regret that decision.
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I try my best to never call in sick, I only do it when I'm actually feeling bad.
If I had to guess, maybe once ever 3 or 4 months...
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once saw a guy get away with 3 days a week for a year before gettin fired lmao
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I having a sleeping syndrome called [ Register or Signin to view external links. ] . Work are great when I have it and normally have one episode a year. Apart from that I never get sick or colds etc.
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I never call in sick,
With being a police officer if we need time off they're normally great for it.

I've had from Wednesday off due to my mum having a stroke and is in a mess, so i get "Special Leave" granted which allows me to take off up to 3 months if needed on full pay.
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