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Finally got those 50 shoutbox gifts that I totally needed. Sarcasm intended

Thank you to all of the nice gifters in the shoutbox that gave me gold that I don't need.

You can join the shoutbox below


The Following 7 Users Say Thank You to Jimbo For This Useful Post:

Mikey (06-05-2019), Nik (06-02-2019), Dusknoir (06-02-2019), MeIo (06-02-2019), Zema (06-01-2019), Xbox (06-01-2019), 40oz (06-01-2019)
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  • Rigged Luck
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Congrats on the Rigged luck my guy!
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Congrats Jimbo on your new badge!
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Congratulations jimbo see you back in there.

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congrats on rigged luck
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Congrats on rigged luck
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Congrats my guy
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Yo that's insane
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Congrats on the ugly badge jimbob, I hope I can get it soon!
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Crazy number of gifts, think I am on 24! Congratulations.
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