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Thank you for taking the time to visit FalconExpress. FalconExpress has been under the works for a couple of months now updating things left and right. Now we hit the point where its time to get a player base and start finding issues, ideas, and future updates. Something that always intrigued me when joining a RSPS is being the best and getting the best. Let that be you, come on in grind out to be at the top!


  • Custom Rares
  • Raid Boss
  • Loyalty Programs
  • Custom Donation Shop
  • New Stores
  • Improved Home
  • 317
  • OSRS Content
  • Weekly Bonuses
  • Nex Gear
  • New Donation Perks
  • Low Donator Prices
  • Active Discord
  • Fast Growing
  • Active Staff
  • Staff Positions Available
  • Weekly Bug Patches and Updates
  • Laid-Back Environment
  • Active Discord Thread
  • Ironman Modes
  • Brand-New Economy
  • Auto-Donation System
  • Auto-Vote System


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I saw this posted on Rune-server, best of luck. I don't see anything unique in it though as it's like any other 317. Plus your "Working Torva" isn't working as there is no health boost.

Goodluck nonetheless though dude! (:
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