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Yin wroteAs stated above, I feel it will be announced for 2020 at E3. If not, then it will be very disappointing. I hope they improve the frame rate to 60 minimum. I personally can do without amazing graphics if they can just improve that one thing real quick. I refuse to waste money on an Xbox One X (Xbox One Point Five) just for better load times. Even heard it sometimes had slower load times due to the enhanced graphics it had to load. I'mma need them to come out with just better stuff. Also, they need a Home or Dashboard that can actually run smoothly. It's crazy how much it just doesn't want to load or it freezes for a few seconds. It's bad.

Couldn't have said it better myself. I'm not spending money on a halfway upgrade on the same console. I want a brand new console that'll last me 5-6 years and that's it.
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