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Regicide's Weekly Gold Giveaway

I will be gifting 2 people gold every Friday
I plan on doing this every week, however, it all depends on how many people enter

For this week only I'll be gifting 2 people this Sunday to give people time to enter.

How to enter

To enter all you need to do is post below

I will post every Friday with the names of the winners to ensure there is no confusion as to when the giveaway will take place. Any post after will be entered into the following week.

I wish you all the best of luck in obtaining the free gold

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Count me in my dude
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Enter me feggit
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Count me in homie
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I will enter thanks.
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Count me in
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Count me in!!!!
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Count me in
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would love to enter thanks for this
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Can't turn down the chance of free gold, thanks bro
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