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Looking to sell on my pc as iv lost the use of it , just looking for a overall general price range on what it would be worth in euros specs are as follows

Processor- AMD A85600K Apu
Motherboard - AsusTek F2A55-M LK (FM2)
Graphics card - NVIDIA GeForce GTX 750 Ti
Ram-8g DDR3 corsair vengence
PSU - Cooler Master 500w
Storage - 500gb WD (sata)
60gb Samsung SSD 830 series
Audio - Sound Blaster Audigy Fx
OP System Windows 10
Cooling - Corsair H60 Cpu Water cooling ,3x corsair case fans
Case - Corsair - Vengeance C70 ATX Mid Tower Case

21" Dual monitors and basic keyboard and mouse
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Monitors, keyboard and mouse are probably worth more lol...

I'd say £300 - £350

I'd even go as low as £250...
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Really? I thought it would be worth a bit more than that..
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I'm unaware of how to say this.. So I'll be very blunt and it's going to hurt.

1. 500GB HHD... okay, but the age to it if it hasn't been upgraded since purchase. No. That is dying for sure if not already trying to kick the bucket and performance has long since been gone.
2. 60GB SSD, nice. But 60GB I think even you know how little that actually is. And since especially for Ubisoft and EA games having issues running on separate storages other than the main OS. Ow.
3. PSU isn't bad, assuming it has been replaced since original purchase.
4. APU. That could sell to people who are collectors of old tech, including the motherboard. Outside of that... an i7 3700 which is only a few years after that APU could very easily output that APU. I wouldn't even factor your APU in as a cost.
5. Motherboard, oh god no.
6. Graphics Card, ...750 Ti.. Can you even play minecraft default everything at 720p with 20 fps?
7. Onboard audio is not audio.
8. I don't even want to imagine booting windows 10 to this system, genuinely I'd be scared of overheating the APU.
9. The case alone I would buy, depending on condition 70-100 USD.

My price.... 120 USD. Monitors, keyboard and mouse included. That is how dated your PC is. I am sorry.
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