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Maze wroteIs his name really Spyro because that would be awesome. One day I wanna see your zoo Loke

Yes his name is really spyro I had him since he was the size of my thumb
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  • Summer 2018
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Spyro the lizard, he is so cute! :3

That's a cool name, Loke.
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I was always afraid of lizards but now looking at this picture, I want a few lol
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they both look awesome! I wonder how their skin feels
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That's a cute rabbit!
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Spyro lol cool name he's badass! - Does he require a lot of care?

I used too have a Leopard Gheko he was a little boss
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Awwhhh little cutie I want one My Self But Dont Have the time to take care of one
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  • Halloween!
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This is a cool picture, wouldn't keep them as pets myself.
Nice Loke.
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