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He is tanning in da suns

He a good boy

He eats worms
His favourites are hornworns and pumpkin
He hates other dragons but loves his iguana statue

The end

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I didn't know Spyro was Canadian.
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Love the name, give him some pumpkin for me pls
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I honestly thought the rock was a poop he took....

I give him a 11/10 on the good boy scale
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Aw I love Lizards I want one! Btw really kind of you to give him a really big cage plenty of room for him that's nice!
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I someitmes forget how cool lizards are.
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spryo looks dope loke
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What a couple of cuties
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spryo looks dope loke
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Is his name really Spyro because that would be awesome. One day I wanna see your zoo Loke
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