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You Are A Cute Little Possum In A Dangerous World In This PS4 And PC Game.


Sony's State of Play event today had a lot of news, including the reveal of a PlayStation 4 edition of the third-person adventure game where you play as a Sugar Glider possum. The game is called Away: The Survival Series, and developer Breaking Walls says it's inspired by nature documentaries. Previously, the game was only announced for PC.

It's not easy being a possum close to the bottom of the food chain, but it gets worse: a cataclysmic storm is coming. As that's happening, you will zip around the world using the possum's elastic skin to glide around environments like forests, caverns, and swamps. In addition to gliding, the little Sugar Glider can run quickly and dodge, which comes in useful when evading a stinging scorpion.

I think this is a fun little game. You get to know what it's kind of like to be at the bottom of the food chain. And I do like adventure games, those are some of my favorite games. This seems on point as a adventure game your going around forests and stuff. Also really different than just playing a magic or rpg game your an animal.
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