GeneralAre refurbished or renewed phones worth getting?Posted:

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Was thinking about getting a renewed iphone 8 from Amazon and was wondering if its worth it or would it probably mess up soon
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there is always the risk. Depends on where it came from before hand. Buying refurbed is usually just fine, same with renewed. one at times has a little more done to it than the other. The odd's of it failing in a year are slim to none. Just be somewhat responsible in terms of care.
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I don't really see any major issues with getting a refurbished or renewed phone. If you get the right one you can save loads of money. New iPhone's are running 700$+ so if you can get one in good condition for like 2-300$ that's not a bad deal.
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Risky but if it's a deal it might be worth getting... I personally have never done it but it's been a thought on these newer phones being 1k
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As long as it's from a reputable seller and they offer some kind of warranty or replacement it's usually fine. I just recently got a pixel XL (original) off of eBay for $145 with 1 year warranty new open box (supposedly). I love it so far though and the only issue I've noticed was battery not charging to 100% unless it's turned off. After reading around I fixed it by buying the factory charger kit for the phone because apparently universal chargers won't cut it. I did have that same issue with my Galaxy s8 that I bought brand new when I didn't use the factory fast charger. It's worth it for the higher tier phones that would cost 500-800 to buy new.
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If its a really good deal on the phone then you may aswell, personally i don't go for these new models i just dont think they are worth the money. Im still using an iphone 6+
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Refurbished is the way to go for getting a quality phone for a really cheap price.
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Kind of depends how old the refurbished phone is, an iPhone 8 should be perfectly fine refurbished.
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