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  • Summer 2019
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A mummy, an a tiny dragon, and also a baku. Sounds like a mess? But rather it's the opposite. Despite these supernatural beasts they happen to be the main creatures of the show, the center of the show is down to earth, a love story between pet and owner.
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Each of the creature pets as well as their owners they are helped by coming together and being with each other. The human characters and their creature pets able to grow by being with the pets and caring for them, and the same goes for their creatures learn more too. They all help make lasting bonds that extend farther than what many other shows are able to do with regular human characters. And these are creatures that can't talk, they can only emote and act. But still even in these actions they're able to express more of who they are, and the value of their bonds better than many shows that have the power of speech.

Even with all this fun and love that goes on in this anime there still are important meaningful parts. As I talked about before the creatures and humans really do help each other in many ways and when the humans or pets back stories are told it's clear to see why the two are good fits for each other, and just how they're able to help. They're given actual flaws and issues, and in a show that could have just have been one way it's a good flow.
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This is a fun short little anime that focuses in the super nature creatures and the bonds their owners go thru. And there is also some very funny moments. Really it's very cute that's what got me hooked on this anime besides really liking the characters.

Overall rating 5/10
Art 6/10
Music 4/10
Characters 7/10
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