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The title basically says it all.
What languages do you speak and if you speak more than one which is your favorite?

I'll start off, I speak English, Afrikaans (one of the 11 national languages of South Africa), and Spanish (kinda). I can also understand German in some fashions.
My favorite language/ languages to speak are English because that's what I grew up with and Afrikaans as its the language of a country that has become a large portion of my life.

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English and a couple words in Spanish
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English is my favorite cause thats all I speak.
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I only speak English, can speak and understand some Spanish but not much
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English, Spanish, some Bosnian, and some Arabic. Mostly learned from players on my teams lol
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I speak 2 languages English and Spanish but I was born here in America so my primary language would be English but I speak spanish at home with family and customers at work.
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English and I've been learning Dutch for the past 2 years and I know some of the basics of mandarin.

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english... and english is my fav
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English some Spanish and sarcasm

sarcasm is my favorite!
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English is my main like most people on this site.

I can speak a little bit of Ukrainian as well.
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